Stand By Your Con Man Kellyanne Conway

Listen, I’m sure that Kellyanne Conway’s contract with the Trump organization is lucrative. By business standards, I’d give it an 8 out of 10. Ten being top notch. OK, I get it that Kellyanne is, who she says she is, a superstar, of epic proportions, and then some. But I have one question for Kellyanne Conway, “Since you’re an White Educated Woman, would you trust and or vote for a candidate running for any public office, who’s afraid to show his tax returns?” Enquiring minds want to know.  We know that the Birthers don’t give a rat’s ass about Trump’s tax returns, but c’mon Kellyanne, do you really believe White Educated People are Birthers? Are you a Birther? Is that the secret to your success? It’s conceivable that White Educated People are Birthers, I mean, it would explain a lot. White Educated People by day, Birthers by night. I get it, living a double life, just like the Big Kahuna. He was a Television Executive by day, Sexual Predator by night. Rumors has it, that White Educated People don’t want to vote for a racists, something about pretense, but, and here’s the best part, in order to manipulate them, Trump passed the torch to Kellyanne. A White Educated Women by day, Birther by night. Listen, I can’t make this shit up!

The Advocate, a Baton Rouge publication, decided that President Obama is indeed the POTUS, today. Knowing that, it issued a scathing editorial demanding that President Obama end his summer family vacation and visit the flood-ravaged state where thousands are displaced. Hello, The Advocate should take its concerns to Mitch McConnell, because according to McConnell, President Obama doesn’t exist. Seriously, fulfilling the vacancy in the SCOTUS, had been determined by McConnell and his gang, to be the responsibility of the next POTUS. Apparently, Republicans had the power to end President Obama’s Presidency months ago. Listen, you can’t have it both ways, just sayin!

Imma be real, Trump’s abandonment phase of the Birthers, began when he’d hitch his horse to the Roger Ailes, Steve Bannon, and Kellyanne Conway’s wagon. Fasten your seatbeats, because there will be no apologies for the hurt and pain Trump caused the Birthers, because Trump lacks empathy. Trump left a trail of human carnage behind him when he was impersonating a, “Business Mogul.” C’mon, his tax returns will expose his propensity to scam and/or swindle anyone who crosses his path. Trump knew about Ailes sex slave business and helped cover it up. Now Kellyanne wants White Educated People, aka The Birthers, to vote for Trump. Now that’s a scam if I’d ever seen one.