Donald Trump’s Campaign Is The Birther Movement On Steroids

Listen, it’s no secret that Trump duped, bamboozled, and hoodwink, thousands if not millions of Americans during his Business Mogul days. Trump’s tax returns are proof that he’s one of the biggest con men in America today. That’s why he won’t release it. However, it does makes sense that Trump called in The Little Rascals, to hopefully retain the billions of dollars of free corporate media time, he’d gotten use to. I love it that, Ailes, Bannon, & Conway, aka A.B.C., are on board Trump’s campaign. Imma keep it real, Trump’s campaign is an American comedy. C’mon, you know it’s true, just look how challenging it is for political hosts to keep a straight face, while reporting on Trump’s campaign. Take for example, Trump’s “Doctor Letter.” Oh, it was doctored all right. That shit was hilarious, but and here’s the best part, Trump and The Little Rascals, accused Hillary Clinton of beingĀ unbalanced and unstable. Truth be told, Trump’s, “Doctor Letter,” is all the proof I need that Trump’s campaign is unbalanced and unstable.

Speaking of unbalanced and unstable, while the Big Kahuna was a Television Executive by day, Sexual Predator by night, those who helped cover up his deviant sexual behavior, today are on Team Trump. Also, they worked at the same cable news network, that the Big Kahuna created to conceal his sex slave business. Oh what a tangle web the Big Kahuna weaved, when first he’d practiced to deceive. But in true Narcissistic behavior, Trump and the Little Rascals found a scapegoat to divert attention away from Trump’s crooked tax returns. Stay tune for more episode of Trump and The Little Rascals.

Do Republicans understand that their Voter Suppression tactics backfired. Instead of suppressing the Democratic voters, today, Republican voters are fleeing the Republican Party in droves, because of Trump. But you won’t hear that on the cable news network that could be appropriately called, “The Stable of Sex Slaves.”

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