Sean Hannity Invested In Trump, But Trump Can’t Deliver

Hannity is beyond pissed, he’s enraged at Trump, but in order to fulfill his high opinion of himself, he found a scapegoat. I ain’t mad at Hannity, been there, done that. C’mon, Republicans reaped what they’d sown. Republicans believed and publicly said, often and without hesitation, that if Trump won the 2016 GOP nomination, that Hillary Clinton would be our next POTUS. Hannity is barking up the wrong tree. He should be mad at Republicans for sowing the seeds of Hillary Clinton becoming our next POTUS. That was a Republican talking point that lasted several months, solidifying its manifestation. Of course I’d sown the seeds of a Hillary Clinton Presidency. Hello, I’m thankful to all of those Republicans that helped me. Just like Hannity helped cover up the Big Kahana’s sex slave business. Different stokes, for different folks.

Truth be told, Trump tax returns and those covering up the truth about Trump’s tax returns, have a full time job. You know, diverting attention away from Trump’s crooked tax returns. But, enquiring minds want to know the depth of Trump’s crooked tax returns. As a business mogul, Trump left a trail of human carnage behind him. Trump conned so many people, that I almost feel sorry for his political supporters.

It’s no secret that Trump can’t deliver because he’s a con man. He’s always looking for an individual to scam or swindle. But, and here’s the best part, there will be no apologies for the hurt and pain Trump caused, because men like Trump, don’t give a rat’s ass about anyone. Hey Hannity, how’s that sex slave business working out for you?