The Big Kahuna Believed Women Were Born To Become Sex Slaves

So, he had no qualms coercing women into becoming his sex slaves, and/or the sex slaves for his buddies. While it’s been reported from one of the Big Kahuna’s sex slaves that she had a series of mental breakdowns, the truth was, she lived in hell. She’d believed because of the stress of being a sex slave attributed to those mental breakdowns. As a consequence, she was even hospitalized for a time. But, and here’s the best part, the Big Kahuna didn’t give a rat’s ass about her. He was too busy living his double life as a Television Executive by day, Sexual Predator by night. He operated a sex slave business and political organization, while pretending to be a cable news network. Twenty years later, now we know that from day one, back in the 1990’s, the Big Kahuna’s cable new network, made a commitment to vilify Bill and Hillary Clinton, on a daily basis. Get this, while simultaneously the Big Kahuna was coercing young women into his sex slave business. Those who knew about the Big Kahuna’s insatiable appetite for sexually harassing women, helped cover it up. Don’t get it twisted, those enablers were abundantly rewarded with million dollar contracts. It’s conceivable that I’d be an enabler, given the opportunity, so no judgement here. However, now the Big Kahuna’s chickens have come home to roost, all corporate media eyes are still on Trump. In this case, “The Corporate Media Giveth, and the Corporate Media Taketh away.” Meaning our corporate media apparatus gave Trump over two billion dollars worth of free and favorable advertisement, for one year, but today, the shoe is on the other foot. No surprise, Trump is crying like a little bitch.

What more proof does anyone need that Trump is cray, cray? C’mon, just look at the people around him, Paul Manafort, Carl Paladino, Rudy Giuliani, and Katrina Pierson. All of them are cray, cray. It doesn’t help Trump, that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are clinging onto him like flies to dog poop. Imma be real, at this point, Donald Trump’s Betrayal is a must read story. 😀

The FOX And The Blond(e) will be coming to an E-book near you.