Katrina Pierson Blames President Obama For Shooting President Lincoln.

But, and here’s the best part, Conservatives want us to believe that Hillary Clinton has a mental deficiency, while Trump sends intellectually challenged Katrina Pierson out in the public arena to defend his agenda. Now that’s funny, I mean, c’mon, who’s zooming who? The fact that Trump or someone in Trump’s campaign thought it’s a good idea to hire Ms. Pierson, as a go to person to defend Trump. On what planet? Imma be real, Ms. Pierson is the prototype for the Big Kahuna’s sex slave business. Minus the blonde hair, Ms. Pierson would have no problem being easily manipulated into doing the horizontal dance with the Big Kahuna. I’d bet money, it would take the Big Kahuna less that a week to coerce Ms. Pierson, into his sex slave business. If ya asked me, Trump does more than kiss the Big Kahuna’s ass, he also lured young females into one-on-one situations with the Big Kahuna, that he knew could result in sexual harassment.  It’s conceivable that Trump knew the Big Kahuna was a sexual predator, and helped to cover it up.

What you won’t hear from Trump’s supporters, is that Trump is a walking/talking encyclopedia of mental disorders to include, but not limited to: Narcissism, Multiple Personality, Paranoia, Racism, and Misogyny. C’mon, your Presidential nominee, and may I remind you, of a major political party, Donald Trump, hires Katrina Pierson as a spox. What’s up with that? It makes sense to me, that mental disorders are the first prerequisites of becoming team Trump. I ain’t mad at Trump, believe me, I can’t make this shit up!

I may not be a real doctor, but when I play a doctor, while blogging, I’m not pretending. To all my peeps out there, with his/her diagnoses of Hillary Clinton’s health, be careful what you wish for, just sayin!