Hush, Hush Sex Slaves

The Big Kahuna paid one of his sex slaves a $3.15 million severance agreement. In other words, he’d paid one of his sex slaves $3.15 million¬†to STFU. Or what I’d prefer to call, “Hush, Hush Sex Slaves.” C’mon, she wasn’t the first sex slave or the last to receive, “Hush, Hush Sex Slaves,” severance pay. Even those that rejected the Big Kahuna’s deviant sexual desires, received, “Hush, Hush Money.” I get it, how the Big Kahuna punk’d his faithful audience into a false sense of security. While he operated a sex slave business and political organization, in the guise of a cable new network, he was laughing all the way to his Cayman Island Bank. The Big Kahuna made a fool out of millions Republicans voters, but and here’s the best part, those Republicans voters will have no one to blame except themselves. They’d unwillingly helped cover up the Big Kahuna’s sex slave business, and you and I know, that revelation beget feelings of betrayal. ¬†Betrayal begets revenge. Imma break it down in biblical terms: The Big Kahuna gave his middle finger to the list of the Ten Commandments, especially, # 7 “You shall not commit adultery.” Now really how can anyone call themselves a man/woman of GOD when there’re in bed with a sexual predator? Hush, Hush Sex Slaves, how much was it worth?

Historians will be debating for decades which Trumpism doomed Trump’s campaign and sent it into a abyss. Truth be told, the Republican Party had attached it’s horse onto Trump’s wagon, and down it went alongside Trump’s campaign. I could be wrong, but for me, it was after Trump publicly defended an accused sexual predator, that ended his campaign. C’mon, why would anyone willingly defend an accused sexual predator, while campaigning to become the POTUS? The only explanation that makes sense to me. That Trump was being blackmailed, coerced, put between a rock and a hard place, by the Big Kahuna. We all know now, that the Big Kahuna had a propensity to spy on his employees. Would it be so inconceivable that the Big Kahuna spied on Trump? Trump has a lot of skeletons in his closet, just sayin! Enquiring minds want to know, did Trump know about the Big Kahuna’s sex slave business and helped cover it up? If he did, then publicly defending the Big Kahuna, for me, was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Hello, she’s beating them at their own game. She’s so good at politics, she kicks ass and takes numbers. #micdrop