The Boy Who Cried Sarcasm

Being sarcastic is one of the first prerequisites for being a Con Man. Today, no one does conning people better than Donald Trump. Listen, when Trump was masquerading as a Real Estate Mogul, he’d perfected the art of sarcasm. Trump would go into business with an individual and being the sarcastic person that he was, stiff that individual when it came time to pay the bill. Trump left a trail of human carnage behind him, much to his chagrin of his numerous business failures. ¬†However, Trump did us a favor, because he exposed all those vulnerable Republicans. You know, the ones bragging about obstructing our POTUS. Well, today we know them as a spineless cowards, because they support Trump. I can only speak for myself, but President Obama is brilliant. He’d easily win another Presidential election. However, when our POTUS publicly announced his support for Hillary Clinton, that left vulnerable Republicans no option. They had to submissively support Trump, even though they detest him, or else, they’d face the wrath of the Birthers. How intriguing that from day one, after Trump announced his bid for the GOP Presidential nomination, a majority of Americans had already figured out that Trump was a Con Man. We ain’t mad at him, everybody has to get paid, but the consensus among us, is that we deserve better, than another Bush/Cheney Presidency. Only this time it would be on steroids. C’mon, Republicans have the propensity to loot our Treasury, I mean steal every tax payer penny they get their grubby little hands on. Then from zero to 100, Republicans find a scapegoat to conceal their sins. Listen, Thanks to Trump, we get a clear picture of how Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are only being sarcastic when they say they support Trump. In other words, who’s zooming who?

Republican talking points are based solely on sarcasm. They annoy the hell out of anyone, who wishes not to get their jokes. So, now you know, being sarcastic is one of the first prerequisites for being a Con Man. Remember, you heard it here first!

Relax, commit to vote, feel the peace that tells you, everything will be alright.