Is Conservatism Synonymous With Sexual Freakishness?

You know, where Conservatives cling to a bible by day, but are sexual predators by night. Where other Conservatives condone this behavior and go so far as to cover it up. But, and here’s the best part, these men/women of the moral authority, always find a scapegoat, for their sins they wished to conceal. By now, you’d heard of the Big Kahuna. He created a cable new show, so he could prey on young women and turn them into sex slaves. Other employees who knew about his deviant sexual behavior, helped cover it up. Then, they bragged about their rating$ and profit$. See in their world, all is forgiven, if you make a lot of money. No seriously, in order for those employees to turn a blind eye to the Big Kahuna’s deviant sexual behavior, they were paid handsomely. In a way, you can’t blame them. It’s conceivable that I’d do the same thing, so I ain’t mad at them. Listen, this is the question I have for those holier than thou folks, working for FOXNEWS, and still standing on his/her pulpit. “How’s that sex slave business working out for you?” 

One of the idiosyncrasies of the Big Kahuna’s sex slave, was that she felt like a little girl trying to impress Daddy. The Big Kahuna was instinctively attracted to those women and it was a match made in purgatory.

The fact that Trump can masterfully regurgitate Republican talking points, is not a virtue. C’mon, FOXNEWS hosts/pundits perfected that skill long time ago. Again, truth be told, FOXNEWS is synonymous with Sexual Predator.

Stay tune for more episodes of, The FOX And The Blond(e).”