Republicans Give Aid And Comfort To Sexual Predators

The sexual predators masquerading as Television Executives. It all makes sense now, why Republicans appeared on FOXNEWS often and without hesitation. FOXNEWS was the equivalent of the Nevada Bunny Ranch. Except the women lured into becoming sex slaves, lived a double life. They were “professional” Admin Assistants, or Journalists, or Reporters by day, but sex slaves by night. Republicans knew the Big Kahuna had a stable of sex slaves, and they helped cover it up. While simultaneously, pointing their fingers at others, accusing others of behaving with malice intent. No need to wonder, why our corporate media apparatus doesn’t want to report on the biggest sex scandal of the 21st Century. The FOX And The Blond(e). C’mon, they’d expose their dirty little secrets. I understand, and I approve, because it means less competition for me. So while those sexual predators in our corporate media apparatus are guilty of perpetrating sexual harassment in the workplace, know this, your behavior is still illegal. Opps, I guess ya forgot about that.

One of the Big Kahuna’s sex slaves recalled how she’d accepted a dinner invitation from him, because she was listening to her ambitious ego. The next thing she knew, she was lured into the Big Kahuna’s sex slave business. After dinner the Big Kahuna gave her a slobbery tongue kiss and a wad of cash. A short time after that she was invited to join the Big Kahuna in his hotel suite. The Big Kahuna asked her to put on the black garter and stockings she was instructed to buy. Being the freak that he was, he called it her uniform. What happened next will make some of ya to want to puke. The Big Kahuna sat on a couch, and instructed her to dance. Naturally she was uncomfortable and danced like a robot, to which the Big Kahuna decided to laid down the law. He told her to dance like her career depended on it. As freakish as that was, the Big Kahuna retrieved a video camera and started filming her. She resisted for a second, but the Big Kahuna laid down the law again. He demanded she get down on her knees in front of him. He placed his hands on her temples and like the freak that he was, told her to obey his commands. Then the Big Kahuna called her a whore and told her to orally satisfy him. Listen, I can’t make this shit up!

Could we be witnessing the demise of FOXNEWS? Listen, knowing now that FOXNEWS is synonymous with Sexual Predator, can you see my point?