Sex Slaves

Imagine if you will, you’re a young ambitious woman, just getting your feet wet in the television industry. Your goal is to become a Cable News Executive, but like everything else, it comes with challenges. One of those challenges, might be that you work for a Television Executive by day, Sexual Predator by night, boss. In this case, I’ll call this boss, the Big Kahuna. Because of your looks, or in other words, you’re the Big Kahuna’s type, you know, blonde hair, beauty pageant looks, and ambition on steroids, you’re proposition by the Big Kahuna. Because of your ambitioness, you do the horizontal dance with him. But, the Big Kahuna videotapes the dance. Then you become the Big Kahuna’s sex slave. You unwillingly do the horizontal dance with the Big Kahuna, on demand, but your shining grace, is that you earn a substantial income. Your ambition put you in this position, or should I say, living a double life. For whatever reasons, some in our corporate media apparatus, took a vow of silence on this 21st Century sex scandal. They opted to live off Republican talking points. I ain’t mad at those television executives, no, I’m thrilled, because it means less competition for me. I too can see a bird nest on the ground, just sayin! 😀

Stay connected to more of the sizzling, deviant, vile, and revenge sex story of the 21st Century.  “The FOX And The Blond(e).” Imma be frank, about the cowards who stood by, knew the Big Kahuna was sexually harassing employees, and did nothing. Well, they were financially rewarded for their vow of silence, just sayin! But, and here’s the best part, they stood on their pulpit, looking down at others, through their cable news shows, or as a profession political pundit. While simultaneously, they condoned the deviant sexual behavior they knew their boss was engaged in. They stood by and watched the porn star, aka the Big Kahuna’s performances at work, while believing they were superior, because they had no qualms vilifying other people. Truth be told, I think the consensus among my readers, that those cowards are still on his/her cable news show or making guess appearances as a pundit, but today they’re defending the Big Kahuna.

Listen up young ambitious women, staring at a profession in the cable news business. Take it from Gretchen Carlson, don’t be a victim, be victorious. Meaning, don’t give into your ambitious ego, if the trade off is sex, and more importantly, you make a audio, or videotape of the sexual predator harassing you. It’s the 21st Century, women are the female, “King.”