I’mma Defend Myself

Being sarcastic is a strategy most preferred by Con Men, especially in politics. I’m new to this game, so give me a break. Better yet, don’t trust me, look up the word, “Sarcastic,” and violá, magic. Right? For me, I’ve seen the big picture. It was a moment of harmony. That’s why I ain’t mad at Trump, because Trump is a means to an end. Seriously, “Donald Trump’s Betrayal” is a dream come true for a Blogger like me. I’m getting sentimental, and yes, I’m holding Trump in high esteem for what he brings to the table. Simultaneously, I hold Democratic Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, in high esteem. For what they bring to the table. but here’s the point, I’m no different than the voters supporting Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Yeah, we part ways on a lot of issues, but the one thing we do have in common, we vote. So, my hat is off to Trump supporters, as well as my hat is off to Clinton’s supporters. Voting is an equal opportunity worthiness. I’m with Her, because I can take a deep breath, relax, and commit to voting for peace. Wanna join me?

Mastering Sarcasm has its benefits. For example, Republican talking points are always based in sarcasm. Selling sarcasm doesn’t come cheap. It’s a wealthy man’s game, don’t look no further. As an astute observer, it’s like finding Black Gold and Texas Tea. And the first thing you know, Amateur Psychologist is a millionaire. When MSNBC decided to live off Republican talking points, I was impressed. All I could say was, “Good luck with that.”

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is commit to vote, and anything else, is just cherry on top. As a reward for voting, I bring you the first 21st Century sex scandal. Appropriately titled, “The FOX And The Blond(e).” A tale so rich in sizzling, deviant, corrupt, and freakishness, that I know some will enjoy reading. Here’s a synopsis: A few titans in our corporate media were Television Executives by day, Sexual Predators by night. One of those Sexual Predators, was caught with his hands in the cookie jar. Oh baby, what happens next was worthy of the, “Best Sarcastic Defense,” award. This Sexual Predator, aka, The Big Kahuna, summoned the 2016 GOP Presidential candidate to publicly defend him. The best part, the GOP Presidential candidate kowtowed to the Big Kahuna, publicly defended him, while simultaneously pointing his fingers at his opponent.

I’mma break it down, Hillary Clinton is the female, “King.”

I’mma say this with kindness, “Trump has no idea who he’s dealing with.” 

Listen, I can’t make this shit up!