I Heart Charlatans AKA Cable News Hosts/Pundits

Imagine my surprise when a charlatan impersonating a cable news host, regurgitated another Republican talking point on MSNBC. I’m paraphrasing, but he said something like, “Poll after polls shows that the majority of Americans don’t like the way this country is going, and they want a change agent.” I’d just switched channels onto MSNBC and was luckily enough to catch this, “news flash.” I’ll admit, it’s out of habit, that I keep switching onto MSNBC. Its been a challenge for me to let go, to accept that MSNBC lives off Republican talking points. However, on the flip side of that coin, I’m doing an excellent job of weaning myself off, from watching MSNBC. Hip, hip, hooray, I’m down to watching five minute or less of MSNBC, before I’ll switch channels. In the past, I’d watched a minimum of two hours, a maximum of four hours, Monday through Friday. Luckily for me, five minutes or less, is all the time I need to remind myself that MSNBC does indeed live off Republican talking points. Don’t get it twisted, I ain’t mad at MSNBC, it’s a gift that keep on giving. For example, a day after the DNC, I’d watched a MSNBC host appeared perplexed and asked the question of why the DNC didn’t talk about why the majority of Americans, according to poll after poll, felt about the direction of this country. Hold up, “That was some who shot John bullshit.”  OK, back to my story, one of the pundits replied with this jewel of a lie. He said, “Well, since the Dems had been in charge for the last eight years,” then he rambled on about some nonsense. Seriously, at that moment, I was like, OMG, they’re just regurgitating Republican talking points. Immediately I’d switched channels and felt peace, knowing that and feeling that, was it wrong that I was smiling?

Truth be told, Trump exceeds expectations when it comes to being sarcastic. That’s why he annoys the hell out of Liberals who can’t get his jokes. For example, Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns is annoying. C’mon, Trump is just being sarcastic. Violá, now you feel a lot better. You can thank me by following my blog. 😀  It will be worth your while, just sayin! Holy smokes, the plot thickens, our corporate media apparatus took a vow of silence on Trump’s tax returns. However, Republican taking points are all the rage. Something about rating$ and profit$. So, I ain’t mad at Trump, sarcasm on. Listen, I can’t make this shit up!

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