Could Trump Be An Wholly Owned Subsidiary Of The Russian Government?

Meaning, Trump got into bed with Putin, financially and emotionally and his tax returns are like love letters to Putin. Trump cried for help from his business partner and inadvertently gave away his dirty little secret. But, in order to fulfill his superiority complex, Trump said he was being sarcastic. Then legions of talking heads headed to the cable news shows and blogs to regurgitate those talking points. You know, that Trump was being sarcastic when he pleaded for Putin to help him. Truth be told, all those conservative’s accusations against Democratic President Nominee, Hillary Clinton, had failed. But in order for those conservatives to fulfill their high opinions of themselves, they found a scapegoat. I’d watched a political ad accusing Mrs. Clinton of wrongdoing, because she’d received monies for speaking engagements. I kid you not. Conservatives themselves earn money for speaking engagements, but in their world that behavior is held in high esteem. However, for Mrs. Clinton, Conservatives obviously frown upon her earning money for speaking engagements. Don’t get me twisted, the pieces of this puzzle all fit together. Our corporate media apparatus doesn’t want to talk about Trump’s tax returns, because that would be sarcasm. I get it, now so do you!


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