Did Trump Just Admit That The Republican Party Failed To Defeat Hillary Clinton?

Because he [Trump] pleaded with a Dictator from a foreign country, to help him win this election. Why? Because Trump is afraid of Democratic Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. Knowing that and feeling that, it was as interesting as watching paint dry to hear the non-Republican responses to Trump’s cries for help to a Dictator of a foreign country. Or should I say, the Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell responses. But, and here’s the best part, the Paul Ryan’s and Mitch McConnell’s Republicans, can’t handle the truth. You know, that Republicans beat their chest, but that’s all they did. They have nothing to show for all the tax payer money they’d spent on investigating, vilifying, and my favorite, their mistaken belief that women are not equal. Don’t look for Paul Ryan, or John Cornyn, or Cory Gardner, or the usual suspects to revoke Donald Trump’s security clearance. Trust me, they’d already heard from their de facto leader, the Big Kahuna. They carry the weaknesses of shame, so I ain’t mad at them.

Listen, I’d just realized how much of a gift, MSNBC had become. I’d watched/listened to Former Congressman and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta speech. Then hung around to hear the hosts and pundits reviews. Luckily for me, Nicole Wallace couldn’t deny her superiority complex. Her views on Leon Panetta’s speech was straight outta Simi Valley. She reported that because Leon Panetta was booed by some in the crowd, that it could “cause” Independent voters to cut and run from voting for Hillary Clinton. I’m paraphrasing, but you get the picture. So, by Nicole Wallace’s standards, those booing Lean Panetta were being judgmental, and I’ll agree with that, but Ms. Wallace went even further. She did her best, stroking the fears that Hillary Clinton’s chances of being elected as the 45th and first Woman POTUS, was up to the Independent voters. Trust me, that shit was funny, because Independent voters are the most judgmental folks on this planet. Hello, who’s zooming who? As far as Nicole Wallace, she was doing her best peeing on my leg and telling me it’s raining scam. Nice try, but I’m not that easily fooled. What more proof do you need, to know that MSNBC became the third cable news show to live off Republican talking points. Listen, I’ll give credit, where credit is due, because Nicole Wallace is well versed in regurgitating misinformation in public. Just her being on MSNBC vindicates that MSNBC jumped into bed with Roger Ailes. Listen, I can’t make this shit up!

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