Trump And Pence Are Amateurs

And, I’ll tell you why. They thought it was a good idea to try and bully the DNC for not talking about ISIS. Yet, Republicans as well as our corporate media apparatus, ignored the biggest sex scandal in the 21st Century, so far. The FOX And The Blond(e). Listen, truth be told, Republicans are the only ones being bullied. How else would you explain why Trump willingly aligned his Presidential campaign with an accused sexual predator? C’mon, on what planet does that make sense? Then, as if that wasn’t enough, rumor has it, that Trump’s tax returns are ripe with financial connections with a Dictator of a foreign government. Then, and it’s funny, how Republicans jumped all over this latest email scandal until it transcended into a hacking scandal. Now they’d taken a vow of silence. It reminded me of another hacking scandal. One that involved a certain television mogul (who just happened to be one of the leaders of the Republican Party) and one of his tabloid papers. Then, like today, crickets from our corporate media apparatus. So, let me put the pieces of this puzzle together for you. Behold, a picture had emerged, showing that one of the leaders of the Republican Party, an “EX” television executive’s claim to fame, that he’s a sexual predator. However, it didn’t stop him from summoning Trump to publicly defend him. All while our corporate media apparatus diverts attention away from this drama. How? By regurgitating talking points created by the Big Kahuna and spoken by Republican leaders, cable news hosts, and political pundits. But, and here’s the best part, concealing his deviant sexual behavior was a full time job for the Big Kahuna

Imma say it, enquiring minds want to know, which employees did the horizontal dance with the Big Kahuna, to advance his/her career. Talk about scandalous. C’mon, we know now, that cable news host and/or pundits stood on a high pulpit, looking down at others. Would it not be the height of hypocrisy to find out, that these folks did the horizontal dance with the Big Kahuna? Right now, they’re scrambling to hide their secret. I’m guessing they’d forgotten about this an old saying, “What’s done in the dark, always comes to light.” 

Relax, and stay tune for more sizzling episodes of “The FOX AND THE BLOND(E).” 

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