Television Executives By Day Sexual Predators By Night

Now I get it, the pieces of the puzzle all fit to reveal a picture of deviant sexual behavior by those holier than thou folks. You know, they stand on a pulpit, looking down on everyone, while simultaneously, harassing workers for sex. Listen, I ain’t mad at cha. Who would have thunk it, that a story so rich in hypocrisy would land in my path. My story titled, “The FOX and the Blond(e),” is a story of deviant sexual behavior. These sexual predators, most of whom are male, are the titans of corporate media, but in order to fulfill their superiority complex, they find a scapegoat for their own sins, they wished to conceal. Well, as luck would find me, this is our first 21st Century sex scandal, but our corporate media has taken a vow of silence on this.  That’s commendably, if I must say so myself, because it means less competition. Trust me, that’s good news for me. Enquiring minds want to know, which employees and/or pundits did the horizontal dance with the Big Kahuna, to advance his/her career? While our corporate media apparatus is obsessed by some more emails, what they’re doing is steering the conversation away from those sexual predators in their own industry. I call this behavior, “The Cover Up.” Why? Because those sexual predators are also the Conductors of the money train. Sexual predators are very generous to their enablers. So, becoming an enabler, pays Big Dividends. Stay tune for more episodes of, “The FOX And The Blond(e).

Relax, Black Lives Matter is synonymous with Equal Justice. A path of unflinching determination for equal justice is an unstoppable force. Resistance has a snowball chance in hell of impeding this force of equal justice. Imma break it down in biblical terms, BLM is David, the NRA is Goliath, and you know how this story ends.

Girls Rule The World.

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