Black Republicans See The Color Green

I don’t blame them. Seriously, I’d chosen money over country, yes indeed, so I’m not surprise when others do it. C’mon, being a Black Republican means one thing, your self worth is aligned with money. The more money, the more superiority complex. I know my peeps. Except, I’m not a Republican, but that’s OK, I ain’t mad at Black Republicans. I feel you, money has its benefits. I ain’t gonna lie. Here’s where we part ways, I honor every American and our worthiness to receive abundance, while Black Republicans are burden with a scarcity consciousness. Been there, done that. Don’t worry, if you follow my blog, not only will you feel peace, you’ll want to share peace with others. It’s called having an abundance consciousness. Welcome to my world.

Black Lives Matter is synonymous with Justice. Stand Your Ground WNBA Players, because you’re aligned with Peace, Infinite Wisdom, and Love.

OMG! The dirty little secret our corporate media doesn’t want you to know. Is that in their world, some men are Television Executives by day, Sexual Predators by night. Trust me on this, because it makes sense now, why Trump is held in high esteem by some in our corporate media apparatus. Trump is a diversion from the absolutely, insanely, sizzling, contentious, backstabbing, and deviant sexual behavior, bar none, going on behind the scenes in our corporate media apparatus. Enquiring minds want to know, which employees and/or pundits, did the horizontal dance with the Big Kahuna, to advance his/her careers. That’s the scandal of the 21st Century. Forget all those 18th Century tactics that some in our corporate media apparatus are practicing on a daily basis. All those Holier Than Thou employees, you know, the cable news hosts and/or pundits, constantly vilifying others, while holding racist behavior in high esteem. They’re always standing on a high pulpit, looking down at others, well, now they’re crying in their sleep. Why? Because they’d done or doing the horizontal dance with the Big Kahuna, to advance his/her careers. They really don’t want anyone to know, it would expose their hypocrisy. Don’t stop following my blog for more episodes of, “The FOX And The Blond(e).” In the meantime, Enquiring minds want to do, “Why the Big Kahuna received some generous resignation gifts from his Boss?” As if that wasn’t enough, the Big Kahuna moved into a new Habitat. We all know, a Leopard cannot change its spots.

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