Black Lives Matter Is Synonymous With Equality

How do I know? Because it was conceived by some very phenomenal people, at a moment of disharmony, and vibrated peaceful feelings in the minds of millions. BLM is as spectacular as a shooting star, bright, bold, and unflinching on its path of equality. So, knowing that, and feeling that, have no fear of the critics of BLM. Truth be told, if critics of the BLM movement were honest, they’d take their, “concerns,” about BLM to Jeb Bush and the NRA. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please enjoy reading my previous post, you won’t be disappointed, titled “The NRA’s, “Stand Your Ground,” Chickens Have Come Home To Roost. I can’t keep repeating myself, although I like to do that, I’ll conceded that it’s boring. If you know that BLM is synonymous with Equality, say Amen!  😀

The dirty little secret that our corporate media apparatus doesn’t want you to know, well, it’s about the double life some television executives live by. By that I mean, television executive by day, sexual predator by night. The Big Kahuna, you know who I’m talking about. Well, our corporate media doesn’t want to talk about him, well, guess what, I can’t wait to talk about him. C’mon, it makes sense now, the pieces of the puzzle are in place, the big picture had been revealed. Television Executive by day, Sexual Predator by night. What enquiring minds want to know, which FOXNEWS employees did the horizontal dance with the Big Kahuna, to advance his/her careers. Here’s why it matters, because since it’s conception, FOXNEWS’ employees deliberately stood on a pulpit and looked down at others. While simultaneously humping the Big Kahuna. Right now, those employees are afraid that their dirty little secret will be exposed. Is it wrong that I’m smiling?

Let me give credit to the brilliant strategy of Donald Trump’s Plagiarizing schemes. In order for Trump to steer the conversation away from his crooked tax returns, Trump plagiarized Richard Nixon’s playbook. For added bonus, he’d hired as an consultant, Jamaican-American reggae artist Shaggy, you know his calm to fame, remember the song, “It wasn’t me.

Was it just me, cause I’d swear on a bible, that another Big Kahuna willingly exposed his treacherous self, at the GOP Convention? He masterfully betrayed Trump with his speech. It certainly was an, “Et tu, Brute,” moment. Enquiring minds want to know, what cha gonna do Trump?

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