The FOX And The Blond Chapter Three

Who would have thunk it that sexual deviant behavior was the foundation for FOXNEWS. That gentlemen really do prefer blond(e), wink, wink. That if the walls could talk over there at the FOXNEWS’ building, I’d bet we’d hear an abundance of sizzling, sexual deviant, freaky talk. Think about it, a Television Executive by day, a Sexual Predator by night. Does it get any better than that? Would I be surprised if Gretchen Carlson had a video or taped evidence of Roger Ailes’s behavior? “HELL NO.” C’mon, I’ll admit it now, Gretchen Carlson is one smart lady. She decided not to succumb to Ailes’s freaky sexual demands, but knew she’d be fired. What better strategy, then to prepare for the worst. If she did, she could be in the cat’s bird seat, demanding a big payment. With the evidence she has, she’ll get whatever she wants. The mistaken belief that women are inferior, is the reason why Gretchen Carlson is kicking Roger Ailes’ ass. So, Journalists, your mission, should you decide to accept it, investigate and uncover the names of FOXNEWS employees and or pundits, who did the horizontal dance with Ailes to advance their careers. Enquiring minds want to know, because since its conception, FOXNEWS employees stood on a pulpit, looking down at others. Meaning they had and still do have a GOD complex. But here’s the best part, their chickens have come home to roost.

Stay tune for more episodes from “The FOX And The Blond.” 

All I can say about this plagiarizing scandal, is that whatever gift Trump promised Melania, it was worth it. If I had to guess, the gift was expensive, rare, and came with bonafide bragging rights. Don’t get me twisted, if I could, I’d would. Like I’d said, the mistaken belief that women are inferior, is the reason why Melania will always live a wealthy lifestyle. I ain’t mad at her. C’mon, now tell me you didn’t fall for Trump’s latest scam? On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best, I’d rate this scam a 9. Astute Observers appreciate Trump’s fare for the dramatics. Whoever came up with this idea to plagiarize First Lady’s Michelle Obama’s speech, deserves a raise. It was brilliant. Another news cycle focused on the GOP’s version of, “Good Girl Gone Bad.” instead of Trump’s crooked tax returns. Love it.

The Guide To Standing Up To the NRA, was written by the phenomenal minds of the Black Lives Matter movement. I know this, because of the Conservatives’ vile resentment towards BLM. Imma break it down for Conservatives in biblical terms. BLM is David, the NRA is Goliath, and we all know how this story ends.

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