The FOX And The Blond Chapter Two

Enquiring minds want to know, which FOX employees and/or pundits, did the horizontal dance, with Roger Ailes to advance his/her careers? Because FOX cable hosts and pundits all sit on a high perch looking down at President Obama. So, I wanna know how many of them are practicing hypocrisy? Imma break it down in biblical terms, “A leopard cannot change his spots.” I’ll take Gretchen Carlson at her word, so that leaves me with one thought. “Which FOX employees and/or pundits did the horizontal dance with Roger Ailes to advance his/her careers?  I’d suspect those folks are crying in their sleep, afraid of being exposed as the biggest hypocrites, bar none.

Are you ready for some more fun? Oh, and by the way, you heard it here first. What if Trump released his authentic tax returns, for the last five years, and low and behold, it vindicated all those folks like me, who believed Trump’s tax returns were his Achilles’ Heel. But, and here’s the best part, in order for Trump to fulfill his high opinion of himself, he accuses the IRS of deliberately changing his tax returns to make him look bad. Since most Americans know that Trump has the propensity to lie, we’ll not be surprised when Trump accuses, you know who, of conspiring with the IRS to make him look bad. Then, like taking candy from a baby, Trump’s impersonation of, “Playing the victim,” will work like magic on his supporters. Trump will then whine about being unfairly treated, his army of loyal apprentices will cleverly change the dialogue for the twenty-four news cycle, by whining that Trump is being unfairly treated, but the cremé de la cremé, our corporate media apparatus will happily jump on board this gravy train called, Donald Trump’s Betrayal. Listen, I ain’t mad at Trump, the more betrayal, the more media attention. Hey, don’t forget, you heard it here first. 😀

When the hunter, becomes the prey. How easy was it for Conservatives to find a scapegoat for their own sins they wished to conceal. The NRA’s, “Stand Your Ground,” chickens have come home to roost. So, if you dislike the BLM movement, take your concerns to Jeb Bush and the NRA. Imma break it down in biblical terms, BLM is David, NRA is Goliath. Now do you get it?



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