The NRA’s, “Stand Your Ground,” Chickens Have Come Home To Roost

When faced with failure, men like Wayne LaPierre, find a scapegoat for their own sins that they wish to conceal. The NRA’s Stand Your Ground laws failed, because the consequences of that law, is what we’re witnessing today, in 2016, as far as gun violence towards policemen/women. What you won’t hear from our corporate media apparatus, is that in order to fulfill their high opinions of themselves, men like Wayne LaPierre, are stuck in the 1800’s. Their tactics are old, stale, and outdated, but here’s the best part, millions of Americans are aligned with these ancient tactics. Guess who holds these ancient people in high esteem? Our corporate media apparatus. I ain’t mad at cha! Narcissism is the new normal and history will refer to this time as the Narcissistic era. The origins will be dated to the 1800’s. You know, when men like Wayne LaPierre believed they were superior. I’ll call it, “The GOD Complex.” Not much has changed since then, except, the majority of Americans are living in the 21st Century, where we honor everyone’s worthiness to receive abundance. In other words, Gluttony (NRA) vs Equality (BLM). Which side do you choose?

To all those critics out there, pointing a finger at President Obama, listen up! President Obama is standing up for the majority of policemen/women. He knows that they honor everyone’s worthiness to receive equality under the law. He’s aligned with their power of equality and knows how to stand up to bullies. Trust me on this, for the few men/women wearing a blue uniform, carrying a badge, and aligned with racism, your chickens have come home to roost.

An elite police force is already here, because we know, a majority of policemen/women are keeping the peace, guided by wisdom, and have Grace Under Fire. Are there challenges, you betcha, but the door of opportunity is opened for people of color to join the police force. Like I’d said, we’re all worthy of equality under the law.


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