The Fox And The Blond

You won’t hear this from our corporate media apparatus, but a sexual predator is masquerading as a television Executive. For the sole purpose of sexually harassing women, he created his own habitat, a cable news show. He ingeniously populated it with his prey, i.e. Marilyn Monroe wanna be. In this story of trading sexual favors to advance in the work place, it makes sense that a majority of blond haired women are on this sexual predator’s payroll. It makes sense that a blond haired woman, exposed this sexual predator. But, and here’s the best part, our corporate media apparatus had gone out of its way to ignore this sizzling, deceitful, and deviant sexual behavior story. Instead, they opted to turn back the clock and focus on old, stale, and outdated stories. Boring indeed! C’mon, “The Fox And The Blond,” is a story worthy of attention. Enquiring minds want to know, how many women gave into this sexual predator, had sex with him, in order to advance their careers? Stay tune for more stories from, “The Fox And The Blond.”

The Black Lives Matter movement is aligned with the law of success. So, know this critics of the BLM movement, ya have a snowball chance in hell of slowing down this force. It doesn’t matter that our corporate media apparatus is intent on rating$ and profit$ by blaming the BLM movement for the NRA’s inspired violence. So what, if racist gun owners are up in arms because they’re afraid of a camera. So what, if racist politicians are wholly owned subsidiaries of the NRA. So what, if racist voters keep voting for racist politicians, all this shall pass. Black Lives Matter is here to stay. Imma break it down in biblical terms, BLM is David, NRA is Goliath, and ya know how this story ends.

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