Sarah Palin Had Officially Been Thrown Into The Junk Pile

I kid you not. Because men like Trump, sees women as collectibles. But like all new shiny objects, men like Trump grow weary and set their sights on collecting a newer, younger, and shinier object. Woman like Sarah Palin are then thrown into the junk pile. But, check this out, the only woman to get the attention of men like Trump and some two decades later, be an obsession to men like Trump, is Hillary Clinton. Ever since Hillary Clinton entered the public political arena, she’d been impressive, and today, she’s still on top. How impressive that Hillary Clinton had ascended into winning the Presidential nomination in a major political party. The best part, she’s on the path to achieving more history. So, you really can’t blame Republican men for being obsessed with her. Because truth be told, Republican men love power as much as they love collecting objects. Hillary Clinton is a powerful force that even Republican men are still in awe of. You won’t hear this from our corporate media apparatus, but Hillary Clinton is a rating$ juggernaut. Well, Hillary Clinton the corporate media inspired villain. Yea, portraying Hillary Clinton as the villain, had its benefits and still does for our corporate media apparatus. It too, knew that Hillary Clinton had superstar longevity, that she was as brilliant as, if not more than, Bill Clinton.  Enquiring minds want to know, “Did Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan tape posters of Hillary Clinton on their bedroom walls?” They act like giddy little boys obsessed with all things Hillary Clinton. Listen, imma keep it real, all that time, “investigating” Hillary Clinton, means one thing. Republican men are obsessed with Hillary Clinton.

Are you ready for Black Lives Matter? Because it’s here to stay. Don’t believe me? Just look at all the resistance, the Black Lives Matter movement had received by our corporate media apparatus. Don’t get it twisted, I ain’t mad at our corporate media apparatus, because how else would I’d known in a biblical sense, that BLM is David, and the NRA is Goliath. By now a majority of Americans know, that the NRA’s, “Stand Your Ground,” law was rooted in a Goliath of racism. So, if anyone has a problem with the BLM movement, they need to take it up with Jeb Bush and the NRA. Because in 2005, Jeb Bush jumped into bed with the NRA, and the rest is history. This 21st Century, Davis vs Goliath story, ain’t no accident. Need it say it? We know how this story ends.

I choose peace, so I’m with Her!

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