Goliath (NRA) Meet David (BLM)

Imma break it down in biblical terms, Jeb Bush and the NRA conceived BLM. You won’t hear this from our corporate media apparatus, but in 2005, Jeb Bush jumped into bed with the NRA, he signed into law in the State of Florida, “Stand Your Ground.” A law that gave license to racist gun owners, (a few of them wear a blue uniform and carry a badge) to hunt and kill people of color. A Goliath move. After a racist gun owner hunted down and killed a young, Black teenager, this racist gun owners was unapologetic and flaunting his trophy. One of the good things that came out of that moment, Black Lives Matter was conceived. A David move. Since we already know how the story, “David vs Goliath” ends, you can understand all the resentment coming from “Goliath.”

Since we know that Republicans are wholly owned subsidiaries of Goliath (NRA), their propensity to blame President Obama for whatever, comes with the territory. I ain’t mad at Republicans. They’d lost their highest treasure, peace of mind.

Stand Your Ground Black Lives Matter

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