Relax, Conservatives Cannot Stop The BLM Movement, Because It’s An Idea Whose Time Has Come

So, knowing that and feeling that, is peaceful. I said this with kindness, the BLM movement is a powerful force with one mission, Equality. How do I know? Because this movement had already been met with resistance? The NRA, need I say more? Imma break it down in biblical terms. BLM is David and the NRA is Goliath. Gun Industry is Saul. Saul is not fit to be king, but David is. OK, ya know how this story ends.

BLM was conceived by the NRA and Jeb Bush. Listen, you won’t hear this from our corporate media apparatus, but Conservatives wanted to abort this movement, from the very beginning. Today, I think it’s safe to say, that Conservatives are driven by gun sale profit$. Also, that the BLM movement is driven by Equality, an unstoppable force, bar none.

Here’s a question for critics of the BLM movement, “How is it, that the NRA’s “Stand Your Ground” law that gave license to racist gun owners to hunt and kill people of color, was not as offensive, divisive, the problem, and all those other negative adjectives, you’d attributed to the BLM movement?” Enquiring minds want to know…

You don’t have to look any further than five minutes at our corporate media apparatus, to know that this, “Cops vs BLM” is about rating$ and profit$. I ain’t mad, because the flip side to that coin is, the BLM is an idea whose time has come. One of the BLM movement legacies will be,”The Guild To Standing Up to The NRA.”

Stand Your Ground BLM movement!


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