Jeb Bush And The NRA Conceived BLM

First came love, then came marriage, then came Jeb with a, “Stand Your Ground,” carriage. Straight from the pages of Tony Soprano, Jeb Bush just proved to me, that he’s still an opportunistic predator. I must say, “I was impressed.” Seriously, Jeb made what some astute observers would call, “A calculating move.”But, what I’d preferred to call, “A mitch move.” It was brilliant. On July 11, 2016, Jeb Bush was interviewed by Nicole Wallace on MSNBC.  Jeb did a masterful job vilifying Trump, not only was that perfect timing, but, and here’s the best part, Jeb knew he had been chosen to be Trump’s understudy. Should Trump be denied the GOP nomination for any reason, (wink, wink) then the understudy, Jeb Bush, takes over the part in this con story. Like I’d said, “It was brilliant.” However, if Jeb Bush had sincerely turned over a new leaf, he’d divorce the NRA, and its influence on our Government.  Least we not forget, it was Jeb Bush who aligned with the NRA, while he was Governor of Florida, and signed into law, “Stand Your Ground.” Not only did the NRA write this legislation, but it gave racist folks the license to kill. C’mon, I can’t sugarcoat what happened to a young, Black man chased down and gunned down by a racist killer. What we know now, that when this racist killer looks into a mirror, Jeb Bush’s face is staring back at him. Don’t get it twisted, one good thing came out of that moment, Black Lives Matter was conceived. So, in an unique way, Jeb Bush and the NRA paved the way for BLM, but you won’t hear that from our corporate media apparatus. The strategy put forth on July 11, 2016, was a Clinton vs Bush election. Hey, MSNBC is just flexing its muscles. Holding Jeb Bush in high esteem, could be the beginning of a long relationship, if ya know what I mean? Here’s the reality, Jeb Bush is synonymous with, “Stand Your Ground.” That’s a recipe for disaster.

Pay no attention to the noise machine, those in the cable media and social media, all doing their best to end the Black Lives Matter organization. Trust me on this, you’ll feel more relax, you’ll feel worthy of abundance. Just know this, BLM was conceived by Jeb Bush and the NRA’s Stand Your Ground law. Truth be told, BLM is here to stay. BLM was and is the opposite of Stand Your Ground. BLM challenges the NRA’s influence on our Government. BLM stands for equality, the only force greater than the NRA’s agenda of helping a few Billionaires accumulate more wealth.

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