Pay No Attention To The Egomaniac, Trump

As luck would have it, you can focus on abundance, I’d made it easier. Pay no attention to the egomaniac, Trump, however if you’re still interested in all things Trump, follow my blog. C’mon, I can’t blame you, and I’ll have to admit, Trump is one shady character, worthy of attention. Listen, you can have the best of both worlds, I kid you not. Spend a few moments, by following my blog, to get the latest sizzling, seductive, scandalous, and salacious Donald Trump news. But focus on receiving abundance every other moment. Beside, there are plenty of folks, in our corporate media apparatus, who idolize Trump, but for one thing. Because Trump is a Con Man. Truth be told, it takes an egomaniac to appreciate Trump. In my case, that’s true. I’d done the deed, more than once, and trust me, listening to my ego, was at one time, a full time job. Today, not so much, I choose peace, so I’m with Her.

Blogging about Trump, is like finding Black Gold and Texas Tea. Why? Because I can’t make this shit up! For example, Trump let it be known, that his campaign is a BIG con job, but, and here’s the best part. Our corporate media apparatus, while obsessed with all things Trump, apparently sees Trump as a viable candidate to be POTUS. Knowing that Trump is unfit to be POTUS, the bottom line is that Trump brings in rating$ and rating$ equal profit$. So, it makes sense, if it makes money. I rest my case.

Know this, as recent as 2015, after Trump was consistently polling first in the 2016 GOP primaries, Republicans believed and started chanting, “If Trump won the GOP nomination, Hillary Clinton would be our next POTUS.” Today their beliefs had transcend into reality, but they’d decided to pull the wool over our eyes. Seriously, what you won’t hear from Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell is that they have have zero faith in Trump, and for good reasons. The proof is in the pudding. Ryan and McConnell had all but demanded that Republicans must “Defeat,” Hillary Clinton. Here’s the thing,  by insidiously lying about Hillary Clinton, and driven by obsession with “Investigating,” her, Republicans proved one thing, that practice makes perfect. Republicans had over two decades to perfect these tactics against Hillary Clinton. The best part, Republicans are so ego driven that they don’t realized their tactics against Hillary Clinton are old, stale, and outdated. Republicans are relics, but I’ll give them credit, they should be celebrated in the Smithsonian Institute.

21st Century Hillary Clinton, vs 18th Century Republicans. C’mon, Trump is not even in the equation.


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