Relax, Cooler Heads Had Prevailed

That’s why America is already great, because Americans, every American is great. We’re all living on this earth as ONE. Knowing that and feeling that, feels peaceful. If we didn’t have Egomaniacs to remind the rest of us, how lucky we are to chose peace, then how would we know we’re at peace? So, in other words, Egomaniacs are doing us a favor. Egomaniacs responses to life’s challenges, it to always find a scapegoat. What I appreciate about that, is knowing how not to respond to life’s challenges. Many of us want peace, but we know peace comes from within. Listen, I’d love knowing that President Obama is aligned with Infinite Patience. That Hillary Clinton is aligned with Infinite Wisdom. That Loretta Lynch is aligned with Grace Under Fire. I can only speak for myself, but knowing that, gives me comfort, so yea I appreciate our leaders, which gives me the opportunity to see that cooler heads had prevailed.

21st Century Politics vs 18th Century Politics has its benefits. Here in the 21st Century, we know that Government of the people, by the people, and for the people is synonymous with equality. Trust me, reaching my full potential means helping others reach her/his full potential. You feel me? On the other hand, 18th Century Politics is old, stale, and outdated. It’s a relic, belongs in the Smithsonian Museums, and should be celebrated. I kid you not. I ain’t mad at Egomaniac masquerading as elected politicians, I welcome you with open arms. Because I can’t make this shit up!

The Retirement At Age Fifty (50), folks in America, we should lobby our Elected Officials to pass a law changing the retirement age to fifty (50) years old. Not everyone will take advantage of this way of life, but for some of us, we know we’re worthy.

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