Liberalism Success

Just wanna to give a shout out to Liberals. Peace and prosperity are synonymous with Liberalism. Although we can become Conservative, you know, live in fear, Liberals have the innate ability to take responsibility for fearful thoughts and transcend them into positive thoughts. Hence the saying, we’re all Liberals and Conservatives. There are three types of Conservatives. 1. The Misinformed 2. The Intellectually Challenged. 3. The People who profit off the above two.

Listen, I get it, Conservatism brings out the predatory instincts or the preyed upon instincts, in millions of Americans. Nobody knows this better than our corporate media apparatus. The natural progression for Conservatism is what we’re witnessing today in 2016. That Narcissism is the new normal. Trust me, it makes sense, if it makes money. Conservative media profits off of the misinformed and intellectually challenged people. So, where does that leave Liberalism? Paving the road to peace and prosperity for everyone.

Conservative Donald Trump gleefully showed the world, repetitively that he’s campaign is a BIG con job. Not only that, if reports are accurate, vetting Conservative Chris Christie for VP, make sense. Chris Christie had left a trail of betraying people, while being an elected official. To this day, he’s betraying a majority of his constituents, while aligning himself with notorious gangstas impersonating elected officials, or business owners. Chris Christie’s list of cronies is well documented. Listen, for me, I’m grateful, I can’t make this shit up!

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