Conservatives Love Profiting Off The Misinformed and Intellectually Challenged Voters

Chris Christie earned his medals for conning misinformed and intellectually challenged voters, so much so that I’d started blogging about his antics, back in 2014. Where do I begin? Oh, I know, “Bridgegate.” The scandal that obliterated Chris Christie’s Presidential aspirations. On January 9, 2014, Christie spoke to Reporters about Bridegate and guess what, he’d told some very interesting tales. Especially his Holier Than Thou protestation that his administration was not involved.  As quiet as it was kept, Chris Christie Pandora’s Box of Scandals had been released, but you couldn’t tell Christie that, because a month later, on Feb 11, 2014, he stood on his bully pulpit and regurgitated Republican talking points.

Listen I can’t make this shit up! Because men like Chris Christie, when faced with failure, and in order to fulfill their high opinions of themselves, always find a scapegoat.

You know who else is an expert at profiting off the misinformed and intellectually challenged voters? Would you believe me, if I’d told you that it was Trump? Think of it this way, while the cat’s away, the mouse played. Conservatives left Trump unsupervised and today, 2016, Trump is the face of the Republican Party. How did this wicked tale get started? Enquiring minds want to know. Well, once upon a time, back in 2011, Trump seized the birther movement at the same time he was betraying the Republican Party. The best part, Republicans were cheering Trump in 2011, and it wasn’t until 2015, when they realized Trump had betrayed them. Stay tune for more sizzling tales from, “Donald Trump’s Betrayal. Next, “Christie was Richard Nixon on Steroids.”

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