Mass Exodus From The Republican Party

After the release of Donald Trump’s tax returns. I kid you not. Would I lie to you? Listen, you don’t need any more proof, than the recent mass hysteria Conservatives created over Bill Clinton meeting with Loretta Lynch. Truth be told, Conservatives are no different than the rest of us, we all want a reprieve from our fears, by any means necessary. So, I can’t blame Conservatives for their mass hysteria over a trivial matter. I’d do the same thing if I were a Conservative. Because, here’s the deal, there are three types of voters. The misinformed, the intellectual challenged, and the people like Trump, who profit off them. Men like Trump had evolved since the days of Richard Nixon. Once upon a time, Con men like Richard Nixon, were on the down low. Meaning unlike Trump today, who boast about being a Con Man, back in the Richard Nixon’s era, it wasn’t that way. The cover-up was worse than the crime, don’t believe me, read any article or book on, “Watergate.” Today, in 2016, Trump has no qualms parading around the globe as a Con Man much to the chagrin of the Republican Party, or what’s left of the Republican Party. Traitors, Con Men, Misogynists, you name the personality disorder, are coming out of the woodwork in the Republican Party.  Which is why Trump doesn’t waste any time trying to cover-up his schemes, except his tax returns. See, there’s always something to fear. There’s an old expression, “When the cat’s away, the mouse will play.” Well Conservatives took leave of their sanity, left Trump unsupervised, and today, 2016, Trump is the face of the Republican Party. But, if Trump’s tax returns were deliberately released, after the GOP’s convention, and after Trump secures the nomination, for whatever reason, then that’s a story I want to blog about. So far, so good.

In this episode of, “Clinton vs Trump,” Trump continues to receive royal treatment from our corporate media apparatus, because it knows there are three types of people. The misinformed, the intellectual challenged, and the cable news hosts/pundits who profit off them. It’s all good, a buck is a buck. What you won’t hear from our corporate media apparatus, is that Trump is a Con Man Cometh.

Stay tune for more sizzling tales from Donald Trump’s Betrayal. Next up, “Vetting the corrupt Chris Christie.” I can’t make this shit up! 😀

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