Relax, She Got This

I want peace, so I’m with her. Yes, it’s like that. Listen, I get it, why our corporate media apparatus gave Donald Trump the royal treatment. Rating$ and Profit$. However, the best kept secret, or what I’d prefer to as the big picture, Bill and Hillary Clinton had and continue to accomplish great things. But, and here’s the best part, Bill and Hillary Clinton are so good at politics, that Conservatives lined up to challenge them, but Bill and Hillary Clinton had to give them a number, and Conservatives had to wait their turn, to receive their ass whooping. Knowing that and feeling that is peaceful. I rest my case!

Was it me, or did you witness a blast from our past? I mean, how Conservatives created mass hysteria over a meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch. I can only speak for myself, but this mass hysteria bullshit, was straight outta the 1990’s. I kid you not, only back then, Conservatives had committed to a 24/7 mass hysteria media. You guess it, the mass hysteria was over Bill and Hillary Clinton. Today, 2016, this mass hysteria tactic is so old, stale, and outdated, it floated like a lead balloon. Just between you and me, don’t tell Conservatives, because their attempts to revive this relic of a tactic, only made me appreciate all of the great achievements of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Oh, how I do love a good tabloid story, so it’s safe to say, that the Republican Party had transcended into a tabloid story. Oh, and by the way, the Republican style is raunchy. Take for example how Conservatives want to define what sex is. For them, sex is raunchy and it must be under their control. But privately Conservatives are all for raunchy sex. Truth be told, sex is define between two consenting adults and it really isn’t none of our business. Yet, Conservatives are determine to use our Government to control the sex lives of consenting adults. Fiscal conservative my ass. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, Conservatives have no qualms supporting a Presidential candidate who had refused to release his tax returns. Telling us that it’s none of our business. So let me get this straight, Donald Trump is running to be the POTUS, on a platform that he’s an astute business man, so it makes sense, that if Trump can back up his words, he’d do it. All Trump has to do, in order for to know beyond a shadow of the doubt, that he’s true to his words, release his tax returns. But, and this is raunchy, instead Donald Trump let it be known that his campaign is a BIG con job, and Conservatives didn’t bat an eye. I can’t keep a straight face, because I can’t make this shit up!

When Conservatives come to realize that Trump had betrayed them from the beginning of his candidacy, they won’t be able to blame anyone, but themselves. Trump was honest, he told the world that his campaign was a BIG con job. What part of that did Conservatives not get?

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