Take A Deep Breath, Relax, And Commit To Vote

Everything will be alright. Thankfully, all we can do is hope for the best and plan for the worse. For me, that means I hope Hillary Clinton is our next POTUS, for the worse, I’ll become a business woman and sell underground shelters. Either way, I’m happy. Knowing that and feeling that, is peaceful.

Did you really think I’d forget about, “The FOX And The Blond(e),” story. Listen, the pieces of this deviant sexual puzzle all fit. A picture of a sexual predator, masquerading as a television executive. Sorta brilliant in a psychopathic way. The biggest sex scandal in the 21st Century, so far, but our corporate media apparatus had apparently taken a vow of silence, on this sizzling and deviant sexual story. Why? Because Enquiring Minds want to know which employees did the horizontal dance with the Big Kahuna, to advance his/her career. Our corporate media wants to conceal that information. Can you blame them? As long as cable news hosts and pundits adhere to Republican talking points, their secrets remains hidden from the public. As an astute observer, I’m impressed by the way the Big Kahuna retaliates when he doesn’t get his way. Meaning, he doesn’t get to do the horizontal dance with every employee, some of them reject his sexual harassment, knowing they’d be ejected from their job. No one could accuse the Big Kahuna of not scaring the bejesus out of his victims. Firing those employees, who had rejected his sexual harassment, in the most callous way, sent a message to the Big Kahuna’s victims. A message of fear and poverty. That’s right, it really was like living in a house of horror while at your job. Which leaves this conclusion, for the employees who stayed employed, did he/she do the horizontal dance with the Big Kahuna?

Trump’s tax returns are a girls best friends. In a world where money is aligned with self esteem, meaning the more money you have, the more superiority. But, in order to fulfill your superiority complex, you always find a scapegoat, for your sins you wished to conceal. Well, truth be told, that’s a Blogger’s dream come true. Seriously, if you don’t know by now, Donald Trump’s Betrayal sizzles with behavior to include, but not limited to:

  • Deviant sexual behavior
  • Bullying
  • Trading sex to advance your career
  • Concealing the biggest sex scandal of the 21st Century, via corporate media
  • Fear is the key to a Oligarchy

I can go on, but you get the gloomy picture. Republicans are Norman Bates on steroids. Psychologically impaired, yet representing a society of fear. OK, I was just being sarcastic.

Take a deep breath, relax, and commit to voting for peace.