Democrats Have The Advantage

I’ll tell you why. Oh, and by the way, it’s a fascinating story. Once upon a time our corporate media apparatus believed it could control the outcomes of elections. However, the reality is, life can’t be controlled. But nevertheless, Republicans were held in high esteem by our corporate media apparatus, for selling their political power to a few Billionaires. On the alternate universe, the Republican Party had transcended into a tabloid story, and the best part, Bloggers like me were more than happy. I mean, who doesn’t like drama, suspense, corruption, betrayal and revenge, all in one story? Many authors had made a fortune, writing and selling those types of story. For me it meant, finding Black Gold and Texas Tea. The first thing you know, I’m a Millionaire.

Channeling the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for.” Republicans wished for a Bernie Sanders vs Donald Trump election. While Democrats did their home work, and elected the most qualified candidate, Hillary Clinton. With that said, in an unique way, Republicans received a Bernie Sanders candidate. Or, what I’d prefer to call it, when betrayal came knocking on Trump’s door, he invited him in to stay. Listen, it’s no secret, that Trump is always looking for an individual to scam or swindle. So yeah, on June, 28, 2016, Trump let it be known, that his next victims were Bernie Sanders’s supporters. I kid you not, but the best part, Trump’s latest scam is another con job. By impersonating Bernie Sanders for a while, we can look forward to Trump at his next press conference, pathologically lying about everything, while our corporate media apparatus praises Trump for being only 20 points behind Clinton in the polls. Hold up, this story gets better, because being the Narcissist that he is, Trump mistakenly forgot, that a majority of Americans already know that Trump’s campaign is one BIG con job. Truth be told, we, Democrats received a gift when Bernie Sanders transcended into Donald Trump. Bullying, Threatening, and Boasting. Yea, I’d think Bernie did a fantastic job impersonating Donald Trump. OK, with that said, Democrats had the advantage. Why? Because we didn’t nominate Bernie Sanders, but Republicans nominated Trump. See the advantage?

Relax, Democrats are so good at Governing, that Republicans are lining up to challenge them, but Democrats have to give Republicans a number, and they have to wait their turn, to receive their ass whooping. Listen, I can’t make this $tory up! 😀

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