Donald Trump’s Greatest Hustle

I kid you not, check this out, Trump recently and might I say, gleefully, gave the world proof that his campaign is nothing more than one BIG con job. Oh, but here’s the best part, some political pundits are determined to stay true to her/his commitment.You know, being an architect for our corporate media apparatus. By that I mean, building Trump up as a viable opponent, despite knowing that he’s a walking/talking encyclopedia of mental disorders. Why? Because our corporate media apparatus’s Clinton vs Trump is a rating$ juggernaut. How else would you explain the latest sleight of hand maneuvers, some political pundits recently perpetrated? First, they’d glossed over Trump’s none released tax returns. C’mon, Trump’s excuse. “It’s none of your business,” was a tactic straight from the con man playbook that Republicans wrote. Second, these same pundits sold their latest snake oil tonic, that because Trump can read from a teleprompter, suddenly Trump is qualified to be the POTUS. Just proves to me that Trump’s campaign is one of his greatest hustle, bar none. Truth be told, we, Democrats know that those Republicans supporting Trump is old news. It’s 18th Century politics, because even the most staunches Conservatives can’t stomach the Republican Party and Trump. Because the Republican Party and Trump are relics, they’re stale, outdated, and repetitious. Millions of Conservatives had to cut and run from Trump and the Republican Party. Because inevitably, they too had to atone for their mistake in putting the Republican Party over their country. Also, they grew weary of always carrying the burden of guilt from profiting off of mass shootings. How could they forget, when the blood dripping from their hands, onto the floor, was a constant reminder of the blood money they’d received from the NRA. Everybody sees the trail of human carnage the NRA had left in its wake. However, and in true form, the NRA’s belief that, “If it makes money, then it makes sense.” remains supreme in Republican circles. In other words, mass shootings sends fearful people to buy more assault weapons, which equals more profits for a few Billionaires. So, in order for these Billionaires to fulfill their high opinions of themselves, they found a scapegoat or two. This tactic is straight from the con man playbook that Trump wrote. Trust me, Trump nor the Republican Party are fooling anyone except racists, homophobic, Xenophobic, paranoid, and fearful voters. So, men like Trump, all they do is exploit others for their own personal gratification. I can’t make this shit up!