There’s A New Sheriff In Town, And Her Name Is Hillary Clinton

Seriously, Hillary Clinton had and is listening to the majority of voices in America and abroad. So yea, she’s a force to be reckon with. Not only that, other Democrats are aligned with this force. Imma be real, it feels good knowing that the majority still rules. As an added bonus, we know that because Republicans had, and are only listening to a small minority of voices in America, their behavior is futile. But, it’s easy to see why Republicans vilify Hillary Clinton. Listen, you won’t here this from our corporate media apparatus, but Hillary Clinton is so good at politics, leadership, Grace Under Fire, and standing up to bullies, that men like Trump are lining up to challenge her, but she has to give them a number, and they have to wait their turn, to receive their ass whooping.

Donald Trump is old news. Seriously, because a Leopard can’t change his spots. Meaning Donald Trump is a con-man, and he cannot change that, no matter how many teleprompters he can read from. This attempt by a few self-absorbed political pundits who gave into the temptation of becoming an architect, to build up Donald Trump in the media, is hilarious. This shit is so funny, because we know that these architects were solicited by one of Trump’s co-conspirators. How easy it was for these Trump’s mini me, to dangle a carrot stick of money in front of these self-absorbed political pundits. Their mission, promising to pay these self-absorbed political pundits big buck$, to hold Donald Trump in high esteem in the media. Here’s the best part, we’d seen this con before. Donald Trump cons other people into working for him, then when it comes time to pay them, Donald Trump skips town, metaphorically. Then, as predictable as the sun rising, the only recourse for these folks, who were swindled by Trump, is to sue him. The best part, because Trump already anticipated being sued, these lawsuits are child’s play for him. In others words, Trump is a predator, always looking for an individual to scam or swindle. Trump’s campaign is a big con. Trust me on this, his habits of scamming others can’t be controlled, so good luck with holding Trump in high esteem. Unlike Republicans, most of whom are male, who only listen to a minority of voices, the 1%, Trump listens to his own inner voice. But, here’s the best part, Trump is batshit crazy. So yea, it makes for good cable news ratings, so I ain’t mad a cha. 😀

Enquiring minds want to know, was that John Barron, or John Miller, you know Trump’s alter egos, who appeared on stage yesterday during Trump’s sedated performance? And, enquiring minds want to know, what prescription drugs did Trump’s campaign give to Trump to make his appear so boring?