Trump Made His Fortune In A Sleazy Way

But, and here’s the best part, Trump believes he’s entitled to be the next POTUS. Seriously, Trump coupled with our corporate media apparatus, wants us to believe that Trump is not a smooth operator in the worse way. Truth be told, Trump is a cunning, wily, pathological liar, predator, and my favorite, Narcissist. Imma say it, Trump is the perfect face for the Republican Party. C’mon, Republicans paved the road for Trump, with their own deceitfulness, insidious lying, and mental/moral weaknesses. Lets not forget, how our corporate media apparatus held/holds Republican’s sleazy behavior in high esteem. You won’t hear this from our corporate media apparatus, but Conservatism beget Birtherism, and Birtherism beget Trumpism. Contrary to what Trump’s campaign and our corporate media apparatus wants us to believe, a leopard can’t change its spots. Meaning, Trump cannot change who he is (Unfit to be POTUS), no matter how hard they try to pull the wool over our eyes.

The best thing I can say about Trump, is that he’s a walking/talking encyclopedia of mental disorders. Thanks to our corporate media apparatus for cultivating Narcissism as the new normal. Not only that, our corporate media apparatus promoted racism, homophobia, paranoia, denial, pathological lying, and misogyny as a virtue.

Trump’s habit of exploiting others for his own personal gratification, had been/is being sugarcoated by our corporate media apparatus. Why? Because our corporate media apparatus’s Trump vs Clinton strategy is a ratings juggernaut. If you must know, our corporate media apparatus wrote the book on, “How to make money in a sleazy way.” 

Let’s be honest, during the GOP primaries, Trump was in the minor league, now that it’s the general election, it’s clear that Trump isn’t ready for the big league. In other words, Trump is unfit to be POTUS. He’s nothing more than a con-man, like most Republicans who are always looking for the next individual to scam or swindle. That’s good for ratings, but not good for politics.