Republicans Do One Thing, And They Do It Well, Create Terrorists.

Republicans in the Senate voted yesterday, June 20, 2016, to aid and abet terrorists who live in America and around the world. Because terrorism makes money, and in the Republican’s consciousness, if it makes money, it makes sense. The good news is that Republicans are teachers. They’re teaching us to master our own inner peace, Knowing that and feeling that, every assault weapon will be turned into dust, sooner not later, and Democracy is synonymous with inner peace.

If Nancy Reagan had achieved what Hillary Clinton had achieved, trust me, Republicans would had passed a law for a “Nancy Reagan” holiday. So, without further ado, I think it’s time to acknowledge that Hillary Clinton is so good at politics, that Republicans are lining up to challenge her, but she has to give them a number, and they have to wait their turn, to receive their ass whooping.

Because they have a callous disregard for the rights and feelings of others, Republicans prey on weak and/or naive people. People who are racist, homophobic, paranoid, or carry the burden of mental or moral weaknesses they’d acquired by listening to FOX, conservative talk radio, or by Religious Extremists. Then in order for Republicans to fulfill their high opinions of themselves, they find a scapegoat. You can easily see why Trump is the face of the Republican Party. Trump exploits others for his own personal gratification, because exploiting others is one of the first prerequisites of being a Republican.

Oh, and by the way, contrary to what our corporate media apparatus wants us to believe, but a leopard can’t change its spots. Meaning Trump cannot change who he is (unfit to be POTUS), no matter how hard he tries. 


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