Assault Weapons Vaporizer

A versatile device, that detects, fires a laser light, not harmful to humans, and vaporizes assault weapons. Turns it into dust. This device will make assault weapons obsolete. This idea is from a higher source.

The final reckoning had come for assault weapons and those who profit from the sorrow it brings. The blood money made from assault weapons will only weaken the vitality of those profiteers. The institutions that house the blood money will be exposed and the cycle of decay will follow.

Assault weapons bring sorrow into our world, and those who profit from sorrow are not progressing in spirit, they are lost souls. Truth be told, they are teaching us to master our own self-control to forgive them. The profiteers of sorrow are weak and guided by greed.

Don’t worry gun-fanatics, we will not confiscate your guns, believe me, it won’t be necessary. But, know this, the divine power to turn assault weapons into dust, is from a higher source.

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