Then There Were None

There will be no confiscating, because we’re going to a higher source, to return assault weapons into dust.

The moral weaknesses of the NRA, gun industry, our corporate media apparatus, Bankers, Republicans and some Democrats, is due to their insatiable lust for power and money. Listen, I get it, that their callous disregard for the rights and feelings of others is held in high esteem by racist, homophobic and paranoid people. Their [NRA, gun industry, our corporate media apparatus, Bankers, Republicans, and some Democrats] motto, “If it makes money, then it makes sense.” Truth be told, this cabal of exploiting others for their own personal gratification, are enablers of mass shooters and there’s no shame in their game of deceit.

Do you bank with a banking institute that accepts blood money from the NRA and gun industry?


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