Our Corporate Media Apparatus’s Racist Intent

Listen, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know why our corporate media apparatus is so intent on portraying Hillary Clinton as a villain. Because she received the majority of the African-American votes. C’mon, Racism and Rating$ go hand in hand. Don’t get it twisted, men like Trump own and operate our corporate media apparatus. They’re mentally disturbed racist psychopaths holding men like Trump in high esteem. Much of this ego-sickness is due to a deliberate sense of superiority. Or what therapists call, “White Privilege.” Seriously, we see and hear it everyday, the vilification of President Obama is directly connected to him receiving the majority of African-American votes. The same can be said about Fmr. President Bill Clinton. Even so called White Progressives, can’t ignore their racist intent. Because Bernie Sanders connected to white Democratic voters our corporate media apparatus held him in high esteem, while simultaneously portraying Hillary Clinton, because she connected to a majority of African-American voters, as the villain. In other words, White voters had been, and are held in high esteem by our corporate media apparatus, and that my friends will not change anytime soon.

Imma just say this, the time has come for African-American voters to scoff at our corporate media apparatus, keep creating our own media empire, and de-fused the fear that motivates racism, by seeing racist peopleĀ as the domestic terrorists that they really are.