Verbal Bullying Is Trump’s Forte

Ya know, making threats, name-calling, and taunting. Trump’s verbal bullying succeeded in crushing the fragile egos of all his GOP opponents in the primaries, but, his verbal bullying had fallen on deaf ears, in the general election. Why? Because Hillary Clinton knows that Trump is a fraud, even though our corporate media apparatus holds Trump in high esteem. Something about rating$ and profit$. OK, I’m cool with that, because Trump’s insidious behavior is Black Gold and Texas Tea. First, he’s a serial wife trader. Like trading in an old car for a new car, Trump is known for being married, having extra marital affairs, divorcing, then marrying one of his mistresses. Then, there’s his abnormal sexual fixation towards one of his daughters. More importantly, Trump left a trail of human wreckage behind him, regarding his business dealings. He’s a predator, always looking for someone to scam and/or swindle, and today his rubes are his supporters. C’mon, truth be told, Trump’s supporters have blinders on. They’re so blinded by their own racism, homophobia, and/or paranoia, to name a few of their mental disorders, that they make Trump look like a deity. Don’t get me started on the men in the board rooms of our corporate media apparatus. They’re Trump on steroids. C’mon, they willingly gave up $2 billion dollars and counting, of favorable corporate media time to Trump’s campaign, and it didn’t put a dent in masking Trump’s odious behavior. I rest my case!

For real, Hillary Clinton thinks BIG. I mean her resume is has impressive as a shooting star. She was First Lady of Arkansas, First Lady of the United States, first, First Lady to be elected Senator, then appointed Secretary of State, and today she’s poised to making history again, by becoming the first female President of the United States. While all the time kicking ass and taking numbers. For over two decades, men like Trump had lined up to challenge her, because she’s so awesome at politics, that she had to give them a number, and they had to wait their turn to receive their ass whooping. I rest my case!

Relax, we got this!