Paul Ryan Graduated From Trump’s Other University

Con-Artist University. With his official degree in hand, Ryan joined the Trump’s caravan of schemes and scams against their unsuspecting supporters. Here’s the best part, betrayal sells, because our corporate media apparatus invested over $2 billion dollars on Trump. Why? Because Trump’s passion for betrayal is epic. Listen, after Trump betrayed the entire Republican Party, back in 2011, I’d admit, that was scandalous. Especially knowing that the entire Republican Party cheered Trump on back then, unaware that Trump was betraying them. I know, that’s funny, but hold on to your sides, because it may hurt from laughing, the latest talking point Republicans are spewing, is that they’re united against Hillary. So, let me get this straight, Trump punk’d the Republican Party, bullied his way into winning the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination, and ya want me to believe that Republicans are having a kumbaya moment. I can only speak for myself, but Republicans do revenge, better than they do social bullying. Duh, Republicans are plotting revenge against Trump’s supporters, but, and here’s the best part, Trump is leading the charge. Riding on our corporate media apparatus’s good graciousness, Trump’s antics are a rating$ juggernaut. With that said, so too are Trump’s many skeletons in his closet. Donald Trump’s Betrayal and The Three Faces of Donald Trump, are just two.

Listen, I get it, our corporate media apparatus said goodbye to $2 billion dollars propping up Trump’s campaign, and damn it, they’re not about to jump that sinking ship. Or least that’s what I’d thought. Could it be that our corporate media apparatus discovered a treasure chest of gold in reporting on Trump’s many scandals. Think about this, Trump’s scandals are lucrative in terms of rating$. Who doesn’t like a good old fashion, betrayal and revenge story. Trump betrayed the entire Republican Party, back in 2011, and the rest is revenge history. Remember, elephants never forget, Republican are at this moment plotting revenge against Trump’s supporters, they’re back on the saddle. Each Republican who endorses Trump, is rubbing his/her hands coupled with a big old Cheshire cat smile. You would too, if our corporate media apparatus gave $2 billion dollars worth of free time to your leader. C’mon, the lords giveth and the lords taketh away. Is it just me, or did our corporate media apparatus throw Trump and all those men like Trump under the bus? Now if that’s not a rating$ juggernaut, then I don’t know what to tell ya.

All is fair in politics, because today we have Trump, Miller, and Barron vs President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Elizabeth Warren. C’mon, all is fair in terms of teams. There are three people on Trump’s side, and three people on the side of Democracy. You won’t hear this from our corporate media apparatus, but because President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Elizabeth Warren, are aligned with Infinite Wisdom, men like Trump are lining up to challenge them, but seriously, game over!

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