Republicans Guaranteed That Hillary Clinton Would Be the Next POTUS, If Trump Won Their Nomination

So, the only question I have for Republican voters, “Did Republicans lie to you, or were they telling you the truth?” You know, when they all but guaranteed that Hillary Clinton would be the next POTUS, if Trump won their nomination. Yea, you must feel like shit, at this moment. Damn, the truth hurts. OK, I get it, it’s because you’re fearful of the truth. Another truth that you won’t be hearing, from our corporate media apparatus, is that men like Donald Trump are a dime a dozen. C’mon, Trump is an egomaniac with an inferiority complex. Imma, just say it, Trump is a walking encyclopedia of mental disorders, but, and this is the best part, he is a rating$ juggernaut for our corporate media apparatus. Look, I ain’t mad, because the more scandalous stories, laced with deceit, betrayal, revenge, and my favorite, gangsta behavior, are Donald Trump’s Betrayal and The Three Faces of Donald Trump. Did you see the persistent destructive behavior from Trump’s alter ego, John Barron on May 31, 2016? Barron took to the podium to announced that his betrayal of Military Charities, was a big misunderstanding. Most importantly, that the, “Real” culprit was the Reporter who had easily exposed one of Trump’s schemes. Hello, I can only speak for myself, but I’m waiting with anticipation for the arrival of John Miller, Trump’s other alter ego, to defend Trump U. Because the once sealed documents, regarding the lawsuit against Trump U, which Trump’s lawyers fought to keep sealed, were released to the public. Again, exposing another one of Trump’s schemes of defrauding others. At this rate, every skeleton coming out of Trump’s closet, will bring me another episode of  Donald Trump’s Betrayal and The Three Faces of Donald Trump. All I’m saying, is that you can have the best of both worlds.

The underground buzz in politics is that Trump played Bernie Sanders like a violin, but in order to fulfill his high opinion of himself, Bernie found a scapegoat. That’s right, you guessed it, it was Hillary Clinton. However, and the best part, was how our corporate media apparatus held Bernie in high esteem, in a clever attempt to steering the conversation away from Trump’s obvious mental deficiencies. Trump betrayed Bernie and who knows who will be next. C’mon, the fear of being bullied by Trump runs rampant inside the Republican Party. All because back in 2011, Trump betrayed the entire Republican Party, by seizing the birther movement. In one big swoosh, Trump became the Birther King, and the rest is betrayal history. Just for my own curiosity, I do have one question for Republican voters, “Did you believe Republicans when they said that if Trump won their nomination, Hillary Clinton would be the next POTUS?…or were they lying to you?” I know, the truth hurts.

Stay tune for more episodes of, Donald Trump’s Betrayal and The Three Faces of Donald Trump.

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