Hillary Clinton Wrote “The Guide To Standing Up To Bullies”

But, don’t tell our corporate media apparatus, lets keep this between us. Why? Because this is just one of the reasons Donald Trump’s Betrayal & The Three Faces of Donald Trump are the money makers for this election season. I mean, c’mon, where else can you find this much corruption, deceit, ruthlessness, and my favorites, betrayal and revenge behavior in one man. Trump defied the expectations of most Narcissistic and/or Misogynistic men. Of course, Trump is their hero, and it feels good. I’m all about feeling good, so let party like it’s 2011. When Trump seized the birther movement, while betraying the entire Republican Party. Today, you and I know, that Republicans are embarrassed that Trump betrayed them so easily. But, and here’s the best part, Trump learned everything about betrayal from the Republican Party. Even better than that, to fulfill their high opinions about themselves, the Republican Party found a scapegoat and her name was Hillary Clinton. She was not and is not the only scapegoat, don’t get it twisted. Violá, that brilliant strategy worked, you know, it’s about selling the lucrative story between a villain and a hero. C’mon, that’s a rating$ juggernaut. I’m impressed, I ain’t mad at our corporate media apparatus. Look, there’s another side to that coin, and it’s as lucrative as ever, and it’s as scandalous, devious, raunchy, illicit, suspenseful, and bad boys written all over it. Donald Trump’s Betrayal & The Three Faces of Donald Trump are Black Gold and Texas Tea! Well, the first thing ya know, I’m a Millionaire. 😀

Where do I begin? Oh, I know, back to June 16, 2015, the day the Republican Party realized they’d been duped, bamboozled, and hoodwink by Donald Trump. Now, everyone knows what comes after betrayal. Yea buddy, it’s revenge. The Republican Party sought revenge against Donald Trump and it was short lived. Why, Because Trump had a four year advantage, which is way this story is so sexy. The Republican Party dropped the ball, were made a fool of by Trump, and their revenge against Trump was short lived, c’mon, I can’t make this shit up. To make this story even more suspenseful, Trump is an encyclopedia of mental disorders, which is a segway to The Three Faces of Donald Trump. Does it get any better than this? Trump’s alter egos, John Miller and John Barron are fascinating, I mean, c’mon, I know the public loves reading or watching someone with a split personality. We’re addicted, OK, I said it, because that means I’m included. I’m a big fan of reality television, so I know Narcissism is the new normal, and I know a Narcissistic person, when I see one. But Trump is a Narcissist and he suffers from a Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), among other mental disorders. Jackpot for me, just sayin! Since John Barron, Trump’s alter ego, knows about John Miller, Trump’s other alter ego, but John Miller is not aware of John Barron, would it be safe to say, that Barron is always on the lookout for a way to sabotage Miller. How’s this for scandalous, Trump plus his alter ego, John Miller are afraid to release Trump’s tax returns, while Barron, Trump’s other alter ego, is not afraid to release Trump’s tax returns. Because it would end Miller’s Presidential campaign, which is the same as saying, it would end Trump’s Presidential campaign. Stay tune for more episodes of Donald Trump’s Betrayal & The Three Faces of Donald Trump. 

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