Republicans In Sheep’s Clothing

Another topic you won’t hear from our corporate media apparatus, but is as scandalous as The Housewives of Beverly Hills. Which is, Republicans in sheep’s clothing can be found on cable news, radio, and my favorite, blogs/social media. Listen, I’ll give them credit, they had me fooled for a long time. My first and only reaction towards a Republican in sheep’s clothing, was feeling angry. Yes ma’am, but not anymore. I’m appreciative of what they bring to the political stage. It’s awesome, if I may say so myself. They bring a Republican think tank mentality, to a Progressive audience, while pretending to be a Democrat. But, and here’s the best part, our corporate media holds them in high esteem. So, knowing that and feeling that, imma do the same, and violá, I have a new attitude. Let me elaborate, Republicans in sheep’s clothing, will seized the first opportunity to holding out a carrot stick of security, through intimidation and threats. One of my favorite Republican in sheep’s clothing quotes: Don’t get to cocky Democrats. First, that’s a threat, second, and I say this with kindness, “If you really feel that way, you should stop pretending, and just be true to yourself, a Republican. Because one of the first prerequisites of being a Republican, is bullying. Thanks, but no thanks, take your ass over to the Republican Party, because Democrats will be better off without you. Bye Felicia.”  Seriously, there’s no love lost.

Bernie got punk’d by Trump on May 26,2016, and our corporate media apparatus ignored it. Hey, that’s fine by me. There’s nothing wrong in protecting Bernie’s supporters, but you and I know that Bernie was publicly humiliated by Trump over the, “Debate” debacle. However, Bernie is still under the impression that he can defeat Trump in the general election. C’mon Bernie, you couldn’t see that Trump was playing you all along. You felled hook, line and sinker, to Trump’s ploy, and now you look foolish. Why would anyone vote for you, knowing how easily you were duped, bamboozled, and hoodwink by Trump? Message to all of Bernie’s supporters, “You’ll be alright.” 

Remember, Trump is our corporate media apparatus’ two billion dollar man. It has a large stake in Trump’s campaign, for one reason, rating$. Look, you don’t have to tell me how hard it is, to cease all contact with our corporate media apparatus. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m in the habit of watching, listening, to cable news shows as well as social media. I get it, on a business level, you do what you have to do. But, and here’s the best part, that gives me the opportunity of a lifetime. Reporting on Donald Trump’s Betrayal & The Three Faces of Donald Trump. I’m waiting on FOX to announce their debate between Trump, Miller, and Barron. Talk about a rating$ juggernaut. You can thank me later!


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