Trump Was Cinderella At The Birther’s Ball

In this fairy tale, John Miller and John Barron were the wicked sisters. Was it just me, because I was impressed by Trump playing the victim card on May 24, 2016, after he was exposed as the fraud that he is. OK, here’s the synopsis, another journalist exposed Trump’s propensity to commit fraud, especially when it comes to money. This time it involved the military. So, knowing that, Trump quickly received the message, which was, “Don’t fuck with the military.” As per usual, Trump’s Narcissistic self sought redemption and Trump quickly gave up the money to the military and even that story is scandalous. To my delight, another scandal erupted when Trump’s spokesperson made Trump look like the liar that he is. According to Trump’s spokesperson, Trump had already relinquished the funds, months ago, to a military charity. Truth be told, Trump betrayed the military until he was exposed, then he made amends. That’s con-man 101. But, in order to fulfill his high opinion of himself, Trump found a scapegoat, Bill Clinton. Trump as well as our corporate media apparatus are anxious, scared, paranoid because Trump’s skeletons are rattling in his closet, and Trump is desperately trying to divert attention onto another topic. However, and this is the best part, the consensus among astute observers, is that one of those skeletons, named John Barron, one of Trump’s alter ego, creates all the tweets we read about. The Three Faces of Donald Trump is the shiznit. Get this, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. So yea, part II will be as scandalous, insidious, scary, and above all, very entertaining.

How fortunate Hillary Clinton must feel, knowing that Trump needed $2 billion dollars worth of free corporate media attention, and yet, his unfavorable stats are still the highest. Why? Because Trump is a walking encyclopedia of mental disorders. That’s a recipe for rating$ and nothing else. The Trump’s of this world, are a dime a dozens.



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