Trump’s Tax Returns Conjured Painful Thoughts & Feelings For Trump’s Supporters

We already know that Trump’s supporters live in fear, and are always looking for something or someone to fear. Today, May 24, 2016, Trump’s supporters fear Trump’s tax returns. You know it’s true, just look at the efforts from our corporate media apparatus to divert attention away from Trump’s tax returns onto another topic. That alone should convince you how fragile Trump’s supporters are. They couldn’t handle the truth, you know, that Trump betrayed them. Here’s the best part, in order to fulfill their high opinions of themselves, Trump’s supporters blame Hillary Clinton for their painful thoughts and feelings towards Trump’s tax returns. Trump supporters would never admit how scared they are about Trump’s tax returns. How they live in reoccurring nightmare, and their only defence mechanism, is Displacement. They’re raging at Hillary Clinton, because they’re angry at Donald Trump. Now, if that’s not scandalous, I don’t know what to tell ya. Seriously, Donald Trump is a walking encyclopedia of mental disorders, and so too are his supporters. But, and here’s the best part, our corporate media apparatus is oblivious to this money maker, but not me and some others. We see the most wicked, devious, and scandalous political stories of this election. Donald Trump’s betrayal & The Three Faces of Donald Trump are the shiznit. 

Was it me, or did anyone see John Miller, you know, Trump’s alter ego, make another debut. Rolling the tape:

C’mon, that was John Miller, and our corporate media apparatus didn’t flinch. I can only speak for myself, but which of Trump’s alter egos is the Narcissist, Bully, and Cray, Cray?


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