Trump Or Miller Or Barron Don’t Want Us to See Trump’s Tax Returns

Since John Barron knows everything about John Miller, but John Miller is not aware of John Barron, who’s zooming who? I can only speak for myself, but “The Three Faces of Donald Trump will capitalize on the public interest in multiply personalities. We already know, that Trump switches to one of his alter egos, when talking on the phone, but what about in the public arena? Does Trump switch to one of his alter egos, let’s say when he’s at one of his stump speeches? Enquiring minds want to know. For all we know, John Miller or John Barron could be the person we refer to as Trump during those stump speeches. So, which of Trump’s alter egos recently desecrated Chris Christie by taunting him about his weight? Was it Miller, Barron or Trump? In order words, which one is the bully? Which one is the Narcissist? And, which one is cray, cray? Speaking of cray, cray, Trump’s crooked tax returns drama is getting hot in herre. I mean, c’mon, all the speculation about what Trump is hiding in his crooked tax returns, has its benefits. First, Trump’s crooked tax returns are driving Trump’s supporters to fear the most. Second, Trump’s crooked tax returns are a source of pain for the Trump campaign. Third, and my favorite, watching Trump sweat buckets over his crooked tax returns. So, is it Trump, or Miller, or Barron who’s meticulously diverting attention away from the, “None of your business,” crooked tax returns?   I mean, whatever is hidden in Trump’s tax returns must be horrifying.

Here’s a poll that you’ll never hear being discussed by our corporate media apparatus.

Do you think Trump has three or more multiply personalities?

What do you think?

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