Donald Trump’s Passion Is Betraying Others

“Are you out of your goddamn mind?”  You can’t see how Trump already left a trail of betrayal behind him? Listen, Trump’s supporters, you can’t fool me, I know why ya don’t want Trump to release his tax returns. It would be the end of his campaign. Why? Because Trump’s tax returns would reveal just one of Trump’s more sinister behavior. His propensity for betraying others. Which, includes, but is not limited to his supporters. One of Trump’s most dishonest and latest scheme, is railing against those he deemed worthy of his scorn, i.e. Billionaires who take advantage of tax loop holes. Trump’s ramps up the passion in others, the passion of being victimized. But, and here’s the best part, Trump exploits his victim’s weaknesses during his stump speeches by, “Promising,” to end such corrupt tax codes.  While simultaneously, Trump used those same corrupt tax code on his own tax returns. By definition, Trump betrayed his supporters. Because Trump is such an opportunistic predator, always sizing up his next victims,  you can bet, that he knew, when faced with being outed as Trump’s latest victims, his supporters had no choice, but to believe Trump’s diversionary tactic for not releasing his tax returns, “It’s none of your business.”  It’s called saving face, and is linguistic code for Trump’s supporters are living in fear. Fear of being seen as Trump’s latest victims of his latest scam. You won’t hear this from our corporate media apparatus, but Trump’s supporters will be the last to know that they’d been duped, bamboozled, and hoodwink by Trump. In the meantime, our corporate media apparatus will make a fortune dangling a carrot stick of security in front of Trump’s supporters. Wicked indeed. That’s why I’m so happy that our corporate media apparatus decided to pass on reporting on Donald Trump’s Betrayal & The Three Faces of Donald Trump. Listen, I ain’t gonna lie, for me, it’s like finding two bird’s nest on the ground. Ding, ding, ding, talk about hitting the jackpot. What could possibly be more scandalous, more drama, more insidious lying, and more betrayal and revenge, then Donald Trump’s Betrayal & The Three Faces of Donald Trump. 

One scam in particular that had recently come to light, was the scam in which Trump had mentioned, during his stump speeches about building a wall on the US/Mexico border and bragged that Mexico would foot the bill. Which by the way, felt like pillow talk to Trump’s supporters, before he screwed them. Because, in zero to 100, Trump’s wall is now a virtual wall and his deportation of 12 million Americans is now a  rhetorical deportation of 12 million people. Trump’s propensity to betraying others, is as wicked as sin.  C’mon, face it, Trump’s tax returns are wicked and that’s why Trump’s supporters don’t want to know, but enquiring minds want to know. Hey Trump’s supporters, picture this, Trumps is laughing at you, all the way to his Cayman Island’s bank accounts.

This was not the first rodeo for Trump. Remember back in 2011, Trump bragged about sending his Investigators to Hawaii and that they couldn’t believe what they were finding? Remember what precipitated this scam? The Birther’s racist revenge against our first African-American US President? Check this out, not only was Trump betraying the Republican Party at this time, his betrayal went unbeknownst to the Republican Party. They foolishly cheered Trump on. By the time the Republican Party realized they’d been duped, bamboozled, and hoodwink by Trump, four years had passed. That by definition is betrayal at its finest. However, I’ll be fair, you do have a choice, if you want to watch our corporate media apparatus’s tale of Clinton vs Trump, you’ll have to stay tuned to FOX, MSNBC, CNN, etc…, but if you want more drama, more insidious betrayal, and revenge, then stay tune to this blog.

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